Sunday, January 15, 2017

This Land is My Land

Kentucky is my land. It is neither southern, northern, eastern, nor western, it is the core of America.

Mr. Jesse Stuart once said, "If the United States could be called a body, Kentucky would be its heart." I totally agree with that.
I was not the one to pick where I was born, but my choice would still have been Kentucky.
And if I could have chosen wind to breathe, I would have chosen Kentucky wind with the scent of cedar, pinetree needles, Green tobacco leaves, pawpaw, persimmon, and sassafras fragrance that fills the Kentucky air.
If I could have chosen the spot in Kentucky I would still have chosen Parksville Knob to be the place where I was born. Where four generations of my people have lived, and died on that mile high Knob. It was here I grew from childhood; a place where I first saw Kentucky light creep over the hilltop and breathed the  Kentucky air into my lungs until my adulthood, and even until now. It was in these hills I first heard the call of the whip-o-will, the caw of the crow, and the sound of nature creeping through the hills and hollows as night falls.
I followed the little streams that flowed over rocks between the high hills as skillful as an Indian child- and in the summer just as brown skinned as one.
I ran wild over the rock-rimmed hills enjoying this land of creeks and forests and running through the fields and valleys scratching my legs on the sawbriers and wild roses.
I enjoyed the four seasons,but if I could I would have by-passed winter and just divided those days equally with spring, summer, and fall.
Yes, Kentucky was and is my land...My home!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Healing Jesus

Autumn brings me days of mixed feelings…There are days when my heart is heavy remembering family and friends that are no longer with me; and there are days when I am so happy preparing (in my mind) for the holidays coming up.
 Daydreaming is a wonderful pastime, but if our dreams are to become a reality, we must not stop at dreaming. We must set to work building brick by brick our joy for today and faith for tomorrow.
I have been working on a Christmas program for my church this year, and I have spent a lot of time thinking of the birth, life and death, of Jesus. How I would love to be able to see through my own eyes what it was really like back then when Jesus walked the roads and into the villages.
     Can you imagine what would happen today if Jesus came back to earth as a preacher, wandering through the villages, healing the sick, giving sight and ears to the blind and deaf, and raising the dead? What a stir of excitement Jesus must have caused during His time here on earth! How people must have flocked around Him, following Him around the countryside, amazed at His miraculous ways.
     Doubtless, He would have to preach the same message today as He did all those many years ago. For human nature probably has not changed that much. He would still have to combat with skepticism and prejudice people. “Be not afraid, only believe,” He said.   
What do you think would happen today if Jesus stopped a funeral along the road to the cemetery and brought back life to a dead child right before the eyes of the parents?
     One day, these things will fall upon the believer, bringing sight back to blind eyes, repairing  ears that are broken,  crushing cancer and other diseases, and the lame will walk again…
     Just imagine the love with which Christ would have in His eyes as he looked upon the multitude that approached Him with their sick, afflicted, and the dead –Imagine the love He must have shown them for trusting Him enough and having enough faith to bring their sick and lay them at the feet of Jesus!
     It is true that if Jesus should walk the roads and paths today there would be scoffers following him or breaking through the crowd just to see if this Man was real and looking for a chance to use Him as a source of entertainment.   
We, in this generation stand in need of great faith. Man cannot offer a cure for what our present sin sick world holds. Only the “Great Physician” can give us a healing peace in our land.
Mary King~