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Winter Turns to Spring

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This Land is My Land

Kentucky is my land. It is neither southern, northern, eastern, nor western, it is the core of America. Mr. Jesse Stuart once said, "If the United States could be called a body, Kentucky would be its heart." I totally agree with that.
I was not the one to pick where I was born, but my choice would still have been Kentucky.
And if I could have chosen wind to breathe, I would have chosen Kentucky wind with the scent of cedar, pinetree needles, Green tobacco leaves, pawpaw, persimmon, and sassafras fragrance that fills the Kentucky air.
If I could have chosen the spot in Kentucky I would still have chosen Parksville Knob to be the place where I was born. Where four generations of my people have lived, and died on that mile high Knob. It was here I grew from childhood; a place where I first saw Kentucky light creep over the hilltop and breathed the  Kentucky air into my lungs until my adulthood, and even until now. It was in these hills I first heard the call of the whi…

A Healing Jesus

June in Kentucky